Hadron Fi

Hadron Finance

Bringing lending into the Cosmos Ecosystem


What is Hadron Finance?

Hadron Finance is a decentralized lending protocol for individuals and protocols to access financial services. The protocol is permissionless, transparent, and non-custodial.
Hadron Finance’s smart contract money markets are focused on assets within Evmos and the broader Cosmos ecosystem -- with the goal of increasing capital efficiency for all assets in crypto markets.
Users are able to lend any supported assets on our markets, and use the provided capital as collateral to borrow another supported asset.
Hadron offers a wide range of tokens on our money markets, including: stablecoins (ceUSDC, ceUSDT, gUSDT), and other defi tokens (EVMOS, OSMO, ATOM, gWETH). This list is not exhaustive.
Please check the link below for the latest list of supported tokens and their corresponding risk factors:
If there are any further questions, please go to the Discord or the Cream Finance Docs.